The road to the Himalayas

    To reach the Himalayas, trekkers must land in Kathmandu and take route through Bokara. Heavy rains had passed through and a mist blanketed the valley until late in the morning. Despite living amidst poverty and natural disasters, the Nepali are a community-oriented people. They are more likely to humbly serve than to demand […]

Letter from Niamey, Niger Africa

    “It feels as though the people of Niger still live in the Old Testament times…” These were the words of Mr. Hwang who have been living here for ten years. I wondered did the waves of modernization stop at the dry hills of Sahara Desert? …Much like a railroad that stopped on its […]

Kathmandu Mountain School Meal Program

    At the airport at Kathmandu, there is no boarding bridge that when it rains, we should walk in the rain. But there seems to have a plan to build a new one soon.   Although Nepal has Himalaya, the downtown Kathmandu always suffers from the pollution.But once you get out of the city, […]

Village School renovated

  It was very hot day with high humidity (42 C/107.6 F). It was such a hot day without any cloud that we were drenched with sweat and covered with dirt when we arrived at the school.   Ganghar village school was renovated and we were invited to its opening ceremony. Two years ago, the […]

Letter from Africa

  Going to Aricha, Ethiopia, a nation of coffee     Although the transportation has been improved, still it is tough to travel in Africa. It took 19 hours from USA and 23 hours from Korea to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.   When I visited Aricha 2 years ago, I promised to provide […]

Letter from Haiti

  Haiti ,Port-au-Prince     On Jan. 12, 2010, there was an earthquake in Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti, which killed 223,000 people and recorded as the worst disaster on earth.   The whole city turned into slums afterward. Now there was hardly any signs of the earthquake physically but people’s psyche has changed […]

Ethiophia, Africa